Search Strings

Monday, 28 October 2002

a hand picked list of search strings that have resulted in a hit on my site (there could be funnier ones, but I only see 50 and there are over 140 for this month):

  • dirty toenails
  • drunk and shaved my head
  • girls that are crosseyed
  • goth roommate from hell
  • how to prevent a dislocated kneecap
  • redheaded virgin catholic goth
  • a written description of the appearance of a scary person
  • funding circus performers 2002 (my personal favorite)

Record Day

Tuesday, 17 September 2002

Holy Balls! Yesterday was a record day for hits on my site. all of that is owed directly to this Pretty Okay Guy at defectiveyeti. thanks to him for the shoutout. here is another one of my stupid fill in the blanks.

Russell was on his back fallen leaves watching the breezes accompanying the new front moving into town. He’d been there for hours and the progression had either lent him wisdom or built his wall. The first clouds had been little shapeless balls of cumulousness scattered around the sky. but slowly the March of Time continued as is its wont and the little guys coelesced into a slightly more regimented array, the vanguard of the storm. Then they swelled and the winds grew greybearded and grouchy. little spats of moisture hit our Russ on his face as he stared at the leading cloud which looked like…