Search Strings

Monday, 28 October 2002

a hand picked list of search strings that have re­sult­ed in a hit on my site (there could be fun­nier ones, but I on­ly see 50 and there are over 140 for this month):

  • dirty toe­nails
  • drunk and shaved my head
  • girls that are crosseyed
  • goth room­mate from hell
  • how to pre­vent a dis­lo­cat­ed kneecap
  • red­head­ed vir­gin catholic goth
  • a writ­ten de­scrip­tion of the ap­pear­ance of a scary per­son
  • fund­ing cir­cus per­form­ers 2002 (my per­son­al fa­vorite)

Record Day

Tuesday, 17 September 2002

Holy Balls! Yesterday was a record day for hits on my site. all of that is owed di­rect­ly to this Pretty Okay Guy at de­fec­tiveyeti. thanks to him for the shoutout. here is an­oth­er one of my stu­pid fill in the blanks.

Russell was on his back fall­en leaves watch­ing the breezes ac­com­pa­ny­ing the new front mov­ing in­to town. He’d been there for hours and the pro­gres­sion had ei­ther lent him wis­dom or built his wall. The first clouds had been lit­tle shape­less balls of cu­mu­lous­ness scat­tered around the sky. but slow­ly the March of Time con­tin­ued as is its wont and the lit­tle guys coelesced in­to a slight­ly more reg­i­ment­ed ar­ray, the van­guard of the storm. Then they swelled and the winds grew grey­beard­ed and grouchy. lit­tle spats of mois­ture hit our Russ on his face as he stared at the lead­ing cloud which looked like…