In the apoth­e­o­sis of post­moder­ni­ty that we are cur­rent­ly sub­ject­ed to sin­cer­i­ty is hard to find. The alt-fact (pro­pa­gan­da) & alt-right (white suprema­cist) are unscrupu­lous­ly disin­gen­u­ous at dis­sem­bling. The social jus­tice left has balka­nized due to self-inflict­ed “No True Scotsman”-ship. Hip­ster irony in the ear­ly aughts was at least per­for­ma­tive — a joke that every­one was in on; and even if you did­n’t think it was fun­ny, you at least knew it was a joke. Now, just about every­body is a revanchist.

The tools used to make noth­ing mean any­thing, and any­thing mean noth­ing have been so refined that 140 char­ac­ters can take 10,000 of analy­sis to unpack. Speed, vol­ume, and anonymi­ty cre­ate so much noise that there might as well be no signal.

I used to think hip­ster irony was the prob­lem & that sin­cer­i­ty was the answer. I was wrong. Post­moder­ni­ty is the problem.

I still think sin­cer­i­ty is the answer.