Since my rent is going up by $300 per month in August, I’ve start­ed house hunt­ing. This will be the 4th house in just over as many years. First my hous­ing cri­sis-relat­ed fore­clo­sure, then 2 years in a shab­by bun­ga­low in Old Brook­lyn, cur­rent­ly 2 years in Ohio City where I moved because my girl­friend at the time want­ed me to be clos­er; she dumped me 2 weeks before the move. It’ll be nice to get away from a place where I could stum­ble across her or her par­ents at any time.

Now; who knows? Nor­mal­ly I’d have to rent again, but my mom, with her baby boomer finan­cial sta­bil­i­ty, is will­ing to help me own a home again. This is hum­bling, but appre­ci­at­ed. I’m very wor­ried that this is the wrong time to buy. When I first pur­chased in 2007, the mar­ket crashed a few months lat­er. I’m tired of hav­ing to move and try to stay some­where good & afford­able. A bankruptcy/foreclosure on my cred­it his­to­ry + sin­gle income + child sup­port + not being able to claim my child on my tax­es makes it hard to get ahead of the ball.

My boy thinks that it’s nor­mal for us to move every two years. And for him it is. I’m moti­vat­ed to find a nice home that we can both stay in for the next decade.