Sasha Sprassus

Dear Lord I had some strange dreams last night! Who the hell is Sasha Sprassus? Every dream I had I was searching for her and everyone seemed to know who she is. Is she hot? Does she want me? I never found her, but I sense the progression of my dreams was flowing backward because the last one I had Willow Osgood (from the movie Willow) was asking me what I had done with ‘Poor Sasha.’ He also used some cool word play something to the effect of ‘I might well not have power but well might be powerful.’ I dunno it sounded cooler in the dream. Then he turned into a demon and disintegrated as my alarm went off. I still have no clue who this girl Sasha Sprassus is. Maybe it isn’t even a girl. Guys in Russia are sometimes named Sasha. There is this girl in a few of my film classes who is extremely annoying. She thinks she is a euro and has a bigtime attitude. She only drinks mineral water because her “parents are European and it is so much better thatn regular water.” She’s not euro though and needs to realize that the teachers just MIGHT know more about film than she does, even though SHE went to the Juilliard School in Chicago for a summer…blah.