I Have No Idea What This Is About

there was dialogue at one point. something to do with the Future…or perhaps Contributions to Society. whatever it was, it was heavy. at least I think so. she would relate to me her insecurities about how to Contribute while still being able to do what she wanted to make her happy, or fulfilled or something. I know i probably mentioned self-​actualization. Its my copout for being selfish. all in the name of becoming a complete person. or mebbe about Becoming One With the Universe, by being completely attenuated from it. there are plenty of interesting bugs and flowers and sounds and smells out in left field with all the foul balls. i guess that is how it works. i don’t think she got the answer she wanted. i don’t need that answer though, i don’t have a question. at least i don’t think i do. somewhere there is a cackler pointing in my general direction and marveling at the way i can run around in circles and never get bored. of course, they probably don’t have my perspective, they can’t see the First Thing about the dreams of a dandelion.

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