The {foo} Talk

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

So my kid told a couple of other kids (girls) at school that a “male penis” goes inside a female and releases sperm and the sperm meets the egg and that is mating. I learned of this when the Assistant Principal gave me a call & was audibly awkward about the whole thing. I get that 3rd grade might be a bit too early for some parents to want their kid to know that kind of stuff, but the night is dark and full of terrors.

I’m just glad my kid knows the right terminology and the mechanics of the process & that he’s still innocent on the technique. I gave him the details when he asked. My mom did the same for me when I was nought but a wee bairn.

He knows all of the common curse words. He also knows that I know that he knows them. He also knows that I know that he knows that I know that he knows not to use those words until he’s has a better appreciation for the timing & appropriateness thereof.

He knows that I fuck up screw up as a dad and a human sometimes. He knows that this happens and it’s okay, and that it’s healthy to admit when we do something wrong & that we have to work together to be better people.

The world is tough to navigate — I don’t want to make it any harder for my kid. I try to give it to him straight.

Weekly Wrap-​up — Third Place

Saturday, 17 September 2016

I’m trying to write more and be more positive. These weekly wrap-​ups will probably continue. It’s going to be hard to be “plus-​side” this week. It has been a very emotionally trying one.

I took a walk tonight to get a slaw dog at Steve’s Diner and got to see the amazing harvest moon. I have enjoyed living in Old Brooklyn so much more than living in Tremont.

I am part of a team at work that does dragon boating as part of the Cleveland Dragon Boating Association. The festival was today, and we ended up coming home with third place medal — which we earned. It’s nice to be part of a focused team environment that has a clear and easily measured goal. So much of modern work (and this is not a complaint) requires complex teams with differing timelines and goals, that when a project is complete, it might never really feel like it. And it’s even rarer that you have time to celebrate after.

I’ve been having more luck with getting Abraham to do things that he has, in the past, not been inclined to do. I think I’ve either been too simple or too complex in my explanations as to why he should eat broccoli, for example. I find out what he preconceptions are (broccoli is soggy) and then explain that he had obviously had overcooked broccoli, and that is can be very tasty in other ways. Then I explained the nutritional value and how those vitamins & minerals affect his body. Next thing I know, he’s chomping away. This method has also worked a bit with the neatness of his schoolwork.

My friend Amy is a treasure. She’s my longest and steadiest friend here in Cleveland and if we get to choose friends as a second family, she’s my first choice for sister.

I went to Sabor Miami for lunch earlier this week, and was greeted by name, and treated to an amazingly delicious lunch. The whole experience brightened my day.

My car doesn’t smell much like salted caramel/​vanilla latte anymore after an accident I had in it a few weeks ago. Either that or I’ve got olfactory fatigue.


Monday, 12 September 2016

I held 

I held 
of orphan mice

I held
a lame
rabbit kit

I was a small
small things

I was a small
fearful congregations

I keep learning 
love cannot
be held

only empty
can do the 

Week in Review

Saturday, 10 September 2016

  • I try to add a bit of variety to my ingestion of news & political commentary by reading publications that I consider to be a bit extreme, but still relatively reasonable. So I subscribe to Reason for libertarian positions & Jacobin (“Reason in Revolt”, lol) for socialist ones. Something they have in common is that they only play one tune: “here are the reasons [whatever is in the news] isn’t [libertarian/​socialist] enough for us”. It gets old quickly, and I’ve found myself skipping most of what they post.
  • A guy at a GetGo complimented me on my sunglasses, which I picked because they were as close to Isaac Hayes sunglasses as I could find that would also take a prescription. I really wish I could afford, and had the opportunity to rock Cazal’s but I guess I might as well get crazy and wish to get something made by Maison Bourgeat while I’m at it..
  • It is very difficult for me to read modern poetry in bites larger than one poem a day. I can’t figure out why reading stuff older than the past 10 years is so much more consumable to me.
  • I’ve realized that for awhile I was kinda “dressed by the internet”. I think I’ve toned that down a bit, but it’s still pretty damned hard to find #menswear information that isn’t more costume than style. Permanent Style is great for bespoke, best in class, subtle luxury & fit-​related items — but I’ll never afford bespoke & the flannel-​trousers/​suede loafers “sprezzatura” doesn’t fit my personality. Put This On is enjoyable, but they also focus on maintaining a classic fashion sense. Well Spent occasionally has good finds but their house look is essentially the Pumpkin Spice Latte of menswear. I’d like HYPEBEAST if there weren’t 500 posts about shoes & Kanye every day. I kind of read them all and try to take appropriate bits and pieces, but it is all way too rules-​based and none of it really showcases unique looks and different styles.
  • I guess I like variety, and with the increasing specialization of “content creators”, I have to work harder than I think I should to find it.
  • Content Creator” as a self-​described job-​title might be the worst invented job title of all time.
  • I’ve been catching up on my magazine backlog. My goal is to be caught up fully by the new year.
  • I’m really starting notice class privilege as part of my son’s schooling. The students are pretty much expected to have their own computer and mobile device at home to interface with all the various apps, sites, and sundry other digital assets they use for schooling nowadays.
  • I’m also trying to be less grouchy, but judging by this post, I have work to do.